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Our Christmas bird count


We saw a lot of birds on our Christmas bird count. By now you figured out that these are Mallard ducks. Most everyone knows the Mallard ducks. We saw over 40 of these ducks.

244I will be posting some of the other birds that we saw soon.


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Photographing snowflakes, it’s a beautiful thing.


It snowed today. I did not even know it was going to snow. I always carry my camera with me sooooooo I went outside and started taking photos. As you see I caught some snowflakes.

087The snowflake near the center is melting.

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A Harris’s Sparrow

149Here in Oklahoma we are lucky to get the Harris’s Sparrow during the winter. This little guy is hunkered down to stay warm.

The Harris’s Sparrow is the largest and heaviest of the sparrows. They do not nest here; they travel to Canada for that. Another tidbit….they get their name from Edward Harris. He was one of John James Audubon’s best friends and most ardent financial supporter. They went on a couple of birding trips together. Harris’s bird collection is now on display at the Smith-Cadbury Mansion by the Historical Society of Moorestown, NJ. The collection (on loan from the Academy of Natural Sciences) went on display this past October and will be there until Feb. It would be soooooo awesome to go see that collection!

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Small town charm

181                                                                                                                             Woodworth’s Minco, Oklahoma

On a recent trip to a small town in Oklahoma I happened upon a great old-time hardware store. I found a variety of things there….a rolling pin, some copper wire, brass washers, and flies for fishing. It is a great store. You really don’t see stores like this anymore. The floors are wooden and creak….I love that sound.