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Some birds of Oklahoma

Here’s a Tufted Titmouse waiting for its turn at the blackoil sunflower seeds. In the winter they form a feeding group with the nuthatch, and chickadees. They will hunt for nuts and fruit together, which is pretty cool to watch.The Belted Kingfishers are everywhere lately. Every time we visit the lake we see at least one. A lot of the time I hear them first, although they have a very distinct shape.  The Yellow-rumped Warbler is one of our winter guests. Some people call them butter butts because of the yellow feathers on its rump. In this photo, you can see the yellow on its rump as well as on its side. They flit around the trees looking for insects and any remaining fruit. At Lake Thunderbird, here in Norman OK, there are wild persimmon trees. Not only do the Warblers like them the Cedar Waxwings and Robins find them easy eats in the winter. My sister-in-law is going to try to grow a persimmons tree. I’ll keep you updated on this adventure.


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Roadrunner in Oklahoma


I love our Roadrunners. When I first see them running around they always remind me of dinosaurs. They’re here in Oklahoma year round. When I take groups out birding it is always thrilling to point them out.


 This little guy was busy drinking and hunting for lunch.


There was also a couple of Killdeer hanging around the edge of the lake. This is Lake Thunderbird. It is the closest lake to where I live and I enjoy going birding there. Living in central Oklahoma we get a lot of migrating birds.


I love this lake….And Oklahoma!

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First love, of the bird variety.


It’s a bit funny to think about myfirst favorite bird.


It is a tossup between the American Robin and the Ruby-throated Hummingbird.


Ruby-throated Hummingbird


My grandmother really enjoyed feeding and watching birds. Working at OU she would often see George M. Sutton around campus and they would talk about birds. Growing up we would spend a lot of time at her house. She fed birds and we were in charge of filling the feeders and washing the bird bath. She lived outside of town. Having had many acres, we spent hours upon hours playing outside. We made forts, tree houses and generally getting very dirty and having a wonderful time. We filled the hummingbird feeders and watched as a lot of hummingbirds consumed the nectar that she had made. My grandmother died several years ago. Her house has been sold twice since her death. The new owners have changed not only the inside but outside of the house as well. My mother has her bird book that she had recorded her sighting and dates. I have her bird bath. When I think of my grandmother (which is everyday) I think of the birds and most often, the hummingbirds.


American Robin


There was a song about a Robin we would sing in elementary school, I don’t remember how the song goes. The Robin is easily identifiable and is often associated with spring. Robins, in Oklahoma, are here year round. In the fall and winter I often see Robins with the Cedar Waxwings. Both types of birds are looking for the same kind of food, fruits and invertebrates. I have also seen them at the same water source. When I used to work in my grandmother’s garden a Robin sit near and watch the happening.



So what bird is my favorite now?

 There is no way to answer that question.


I spend at least 7 hours a day talking about birds and wildlife. I help people decide what feeders, seeds/ food, and nesting boxes will meet their birding needs. Yes it is the best job in the world. I blog, facebook, and tweet about birds and get paid to do so. Sweet! Most Sundays I am out in the field birding….and taking photos.There is no way to pick my favorite bird. It is usually the bird I am seeing through my lense.