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How to make a rubber stamp

Max with my matrix boards>
Raw rubber on a matrix board…and Max>
Raw rubber and Max>
This is the vulcanizer with Max>
Okay, here is a little info on how rubber stamps are made…a little simplified….of course….I am leaving out the blood, sweat, and tears….I do not want to give you nightmares.

-I start with images I like and the ones that speak to me. Some of these images are pre-1920ish images, some are sketched by friends and customers….and me. We have some carved images and some are from photos of my travels.

-I take the black and white images, all arranged on a 7×11 sheet of paper, and send it to a most excellent place in east Texas called Jones Engraving. They make my matrix boards…a mold, see photo above.

-After a couple of days…and much anticipation, UPS brings me my boards. It’s a lot like Christmas every time I get new boards.

-I rush to the vulcanizer ( basically an oven with a car jack) flip the ON button and wait patiently for it to warm up to nearly 300 degrees. When it is ready I grab some raw rubber (photo above) and lay it out on top on the board and pop it into the vulcanizer.

-After 11 minutes or so I pull it out and pull the rubber off the matrix board/mold.

-It cools and I trim the rubber, add cushion…the cushion is double-sided (sticky on both sides).

Here is the cushion and the rubber stuck to it.

-The next stop is the saw. Cutting out the rubber/cushion in a close trim, it is ready for the wood mount.

 This is the saw we use to cut the rubber/cushion

-Our stamps are wood mounted. Next we grab the wood…that we cut ourselves…index the wood….stick on a price code on it.

      -We position the rubber on the wood. And guess what…that stamp is done and ready to be shipped to you or your local stamp store.

This one of the stores we sale our stamps to.


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Fish is fish

Here is another sample I made.  The stamps I used are Fishline and Sushi. This was a easy card to make. I stamped the fish on a piece of card stock and added color. After cutting the fish out I glued them onto the background. I then stamped the sushi quote, layered in on black, and glued it down.

Tah dahhhh.


Easy, quick, and fun!

Halloween card using DP Artworks Rubber stamps

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Mary S. posted this and I am re-posting it…
Here is what I have been working on. I used DP Artworks Branch LG rubber stamp. I stamped the branch in black, using a Black Memories pad. I added lines for the web of the spiders. I found some pearl dimensional paint which worked great. The paint has a small pointy end which makes a nice line. Using the paint as an adhesive I stuck the spiders on. Finding some glow-in-the-dark stickers at the store I trimmed the moon and stars and Tah dah…It is done.
I like the way this card turned out. I am sending it on to Deena and the folks at DP Artworks. So soon you will be seeing it on their blog. I can’t wait. I am making several of these for the boy’s teachers and a few good friends.

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Samples using our DP Artworks stamps!

Shel Andrews from Poughkeepsie, NY sent us a great sample using our stamps (DP Artworks). She used Eye opener (lg) FL 07 G (the rooster) and Cross window (lg) EL 60 G (the background stamp). We love her sample. She will be sending more and you will see them here soon and at our booth in Cincinnati next year! Thank you Shel….You rock!

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Sample from Mary Sue…using DP Artworks Stamps

We received two pkgs today. Our second one was from Mary Sue. She lives in Austin Tx. We first met her at Stampaway in 2010.  She may very well own one of every stamps we make…..and we love it. She used our Script collage (TR 94 G) to make this sample. Thank you Mary Sue….keep them coming! 🙂 You Rock!