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New beginnings

The new year is around the corner. Everyone makes a least one promise to themselves…Even if they tell everyone that they don’t. A chance at a new start, or at least that is the myth. So I’ve made a goal for myself as well…Organization! This cringe-worthy word is my goal… In all aspects of my life. We’ll see how it goes, and you know what, if it doesn’t work out there’s always next year!
Happy New Year to all. May this new year bring us all peace, love and fortune!


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Roadrunner in Oklahoma


I love our Roadrunners. When I first see them running around they always remind me of dinosaurs. They’re here in Oklahoma year round. When I take groups out birding it is always thrilling to point them out.


 This little guy was busy drinking and hunting for lunch.


There was also a couple of Killdeer hanging around the edge of the lake. This is Lake Thunderbird. It is the closest lake to where I live and I enjoy going birding there. Living in central Oklahoma we get a lot of migrating birds.


I love this lake….And Oklahoma!