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I’m home, for a few days

I’ve been traveling for a year now. My passion is what I’m in search of. Finding ones passion can be quite an adventure.  I’m only home for a few days and off again. It’s been a wonderful and amazing year. I miss being at home (sometimes, not really often), I do miss my bed. As this year draws to an end I have so much to reflect on. I’ll be sharing these reflections in the next 5 weeks…and updating you on my journey back to my passion.


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Life changing trip

IMG_2024Something had to change…I was in a deep funk. Can one trip get someone out from under such a heavy weight? Maybe not, but it sure has helped. My mother and I took a three-week trip. We hit a bunch of National Parks, took an Alaskan cruise and drove over 7000 miles in a rented car. I took a lot of photos and will be posting them here.IMG_4261

Not only did we see beautiful sites, birds, and wildlife, the chance to experience it with my mom was most awesome.IMG_2367It was such a great trip we may do it again next year.