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Woodpeckers at the Cross Timbers

So I have a new term for where I’ve been going birding for years. A  local photographer called it the “Cross Timbers”, hell, I was calling it Lake Thunderbird. Cross Timbers sounds so mysterious…So I did a little research. The Cross Timbers stretch from Southeast Kansas through Oklahoma and into North Texas. Washington Irving and other early travelers through this area are credited with giving this area its name. Alrighty then….Here is a Red-headed Woodpecker, it is an immature one. It’s just starting to get its red head. I think it has a piece of wood in its mouth.We’ve been seeing a lot of Northern Flickers (Red-shafted) lately. Here in Oklahoma we get both the red and yellow shafted flickers.This is where we see most of the flickers, on the ground, hunting for treats. They are very photogenic. These are the Yellow-shafted Northern Flickers.

Today I saw a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker for the first time this season. A few years ago we were seeing tons of them on our bird walks. It was actually pretty thrilling.

More from the Cross Timbers soon….


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Life changing trip

IMG_2024Something had to change…I was in a deep funk. Can one trip get someone out from under such a heavy weight? Maybe not, but it sure has helped. My mother and I took a three-week trip. We hit a bunch of National Parks, took an Alaskan cruise and drove over 7000 miles in a rented car. I took a lot of photos and will be posting them here.IMG_4261

Not only did we see beautiful sites, birds, and wildlife, the chance to experience it with my mom was most awesome.IMG_2367It was such a great trip we may do it again next year.

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Roadrunner in Oklahoma


I love our Roadrunners. When I first see them running around they always remind me of dinosaurs. They’re here in Oklahoma year round. When I take groups out birding it is always thrilling to point them out.


 This little guy was busy drinking and hunting for lunch.


There was also a couple of Killdeer hanging around the edge of the lake. This is Lake Thunderbird. It is the closest lake to where I live and I enjoy going birding there. Living in central Oklahoma we get a lot of migrating birds.


I love this lake….And Oklahoma!

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A Painted Bunting in winter….Wow!


So look what my friend saw on her feeder the other day. It is a Painted Bunting….IT’S WINTER! That is snow next to that bird. WOW! Holy smokes I could hardly believe it. She keeps White Millet in this feeder. Usually we see buntings only in the spring, summer, and into fall. Thank you Diana, for letting me post your photo.

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The challenges of photographing water birds

4464_101269558552_6623861_n[1]                                                                             One of the hardest thing about getting a good shot of birds in the water is getting close enough.

It is the art of getting the shot without disturbing the subject…be it bird, wildlife or scenery.


This is a Lesser Yellowlegs, a cute little bird.


Great Blue Herons are here in Oklahoma year round.