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My Mom

Her memory is starting to fade. Names, events, and people, are a few of the things that are harder for her to remember. She is aware of what is happening and at times is very frustrated. There is nothing I can do to restore those memories.We did a lot of traveling this year. We were on the road more than we were at home. I took many photos on our trips. We look at them to help her remember the places we’ve been and the people we’ve met. Some she remembers, some she doesn’t and some she says she does but I know she doesn’t.It’s one of the toughest things to watch, the decline of one of the strongest female role models in my life. We have switched roles now. I cook, clean, drive, and do all the things she use to do for me. I enjoy all that we do together and that I can now do things for her. Her memory may be fading but I am there for her as she was for me.


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I’m home, for a few days

I’ve been traveling for a year now. My passion is what I’m in search of. Finding ones passion can be quite an adventure.  I’m only home for a few days and off again. It’s been a wonderful and amazing year. I miss being at home (sometimes, not really often), I do miss my bed. As this year draws to an end I have so much to reflect on. I’ll be sharing these reflections in the next 5 weeks…and updating you on my journey back to my passion.

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Finding my Passion

I’m on a journey to find my passion. There are many articles, books and even Jason Silva has a ‘Shots of Awe‘ about finding your passion. There are anywhere between 3 to 10 steps to finding your passion. I think I’ll follow Jason’s advice of 3 steps. So I will follow the steps and find my passion, and you will come on my journey with me. Buckle up it could be a wild ride.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I miss you everyday, and yet I feel you’re with me.

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Life changing trip

IMG_2024Something had to change…I was in a deep funk. Can one trip get someone out from under such a heavy weight? Maybe not, but it sure has helped. My mother and I took a three-week trip. We hit a bunch of National Parks, took an Alaskan cruise and drove over 7000 miles in a rented car. I took a lot of photos and will be posting them here.IMG_4261

Not only did we see beautiful sites, birds, and wildlife, the chance to experience it with my mom was most awesome.IMG_2367It was such a great trip we may do it again next year.

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Springtime in Chicago

The magnolias are now in bloom here in Chicago. I’ve also seen, daffodils, Redbuds and Bradford pear trees in blooms as well. These were in bloom in Oklahoma a month ago. It is nice to travel north and see these flowers and trees in bloom. We have mosquitos and really warm weather.  It’s kind of funny to see people in jackets when I’ve been sweating everyday in my garden. We’ll be heading home in a few days, and back to the heat…and back to my garden. Springtime in Chicago is so nice.

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Garden time

  I could spend hours out in my garden…doing nothing but watching the birds, bugs, and the plants moving in the wind. Of course not much would get done. I love this time of year, cool nights and warm days. Peace is mine when I’m in my garden. If you can’t find me, check outside.

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Getting my kicks on Route 66

   I’m doing a bit of exploring in Oklahoma. There is so much to see and do in Oklahoma and on Route 66.

 In Catoosa (Right off Route 66) there is the Blue Whale. It was constructed, on site, by Hugh Davis between 1970-72. Originally it was built as a one-of-kind wedding anniversary present. It’s 80′ long, 15′ tall, and 10′ across. You’re allowed to walk in it…but no jumping in to go swimming. There is a little gift shop on the site as well. 
 If you ever get a chance to drop by, it’s pretty cool.