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Jelly, jelly, jelly!


The Baltimore Orioles are everywhere…..And I ‘m loving it!
Last week I went through 4 lbs of grape jelly!
Of course, not only are the Baltimore Orioles eating the grape jelly…There are Catbirds, Mockingbirds, finches, sparrows, and other birds.
My backyard is a rainbow…. of the bird variety! Bluejays, Goldfinch, House Finch, Cardinals, and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds….Colors everywhere.


Author: dpartworks

We, here at DP Artworks, create art, take photos, travel the World, and connect with people.

2 thoughts on “Jelly, jelly, jelly!

  1. Don’t ants, flying insects and squirrels get to the jelly?

  2. Hi Bluebird Annie….I hang the feeder from an ant moat (filled with water). I have not seen any bees or wasps around the feeder yet….yippy. I haven’t seen a squirrel on the poles for a long while….I do have a ground feeder that I put peanuts, and seed in for the squirrels.

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