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Halloween card using DP Artworks Rubber stamps

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Mary S. posted this and I am re-posting it…
Here is what I have been working on. I used DP Artworks Branch LG rubber stamp. I stamped the branch in black, using a Black Memories pad. I added lines for the web of the spiders. I found some pearl dimensional paint which worked great. The paint has a small pointy end which makes a nice line. Using the paint as an adhesive I stuck the spiders on. Finding some glow-in-the-dark stickers at the store I trimmed the moon and stars and Tah dah…It is done.
I like the way this card turned out. I am sending it on to Deena and the folks at DP Artworks. So soon you will be seeing it on their blog. I can’t wait. I am making several of these for the boy’s teachers and a few good friends.

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